Waste Water Management

  • Survey of Natural Slopes of the Locality
  • Identification of Drainage Zones of Urban/ Rural Habitations
  • Detailed Survey
  • Assessment of Domestic Waste Water
  • Design of Sewerage System
  • Sewage Pumping Station
  • Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Effluent Disposal
  • Industrial Fluid Conveyance System (Slurry and Waste Water)

Sewage Treatment Plant and Sewerage System

We provide facility planning, process description, process selection logic, mass balance calculations, design calculations, and concepts for equipment sizing for Wastewater Treatment Plant and incorporate flexibility for dealing with seasonal changes, as well as long-term changes in wastewater quality and future regulations. We provide planning, design and operation manual so that the effluent standards and reuse objectives and biosolids regulations can be met with reasonable ease and cost. We take care while design of the Health and Environment, Process improvements, Stormwater and combined Sewer Control and Treatment, Effluent Disposal and Reuse, Biosolids Disposal and Reuse, On-site Treatment and Disposal of small flows.

Industrial Fluid Conveying System (Slurry or wastewater)

We design the system for slurry transportation which includes suitable piping, slurry pumps and valves. Special considerations relevant to this systems are introduced by the fact that slurry in not homogeneous phase and formation of scaling in the pipes soon take place. We also provide solutions for wastewater transportation with heavy duty construction using high-tech composite materials special types rainguns.

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