Irrigation System

  • Drip Irrigation System
  • Sprinkler Irrigation System
  • Lift Irrigation System
  • Landscape Irrigation System
  • Micro Irrigation System for Greenhouse
  • Tea and Coffee Garden Irrigation System

Drip Irrigation System

We provide excellent state-of-the-art coverage in drip irrigation system in agricultural fields of orchard, nurseries, crop field which includes irrigation along with fertigation system. Calculations of proper water requirement of each crop are taken into account and an economically and perfect solution is provide.. Survey , designing and execution of automatic system with solenoid valves and station controller to operate the system automatically without spending a single manpower.

Sprinkler Irrigation System

We provide complete sprinkler irrigation solution in agricultural fields, tea garden and coffee garden. Startup with the field study, design and execution with appropriate water requirement calculations. We give relevant cost effective, environment friendly, sustainable, innovative design and engineering solutions. It is always our aim to evolve Design & Engineering system uniquely suited to owner designated objectives and resources.

Micro Irrigation System in Green Houses & Polyshed

Compared to conventional sprinkler systems, micro irrigation systems are require careful designing & planning also require special tools and glues for installation. This can improve plant health, conserve water. We offer complete solution of such irrigation systems in green houses and polysheds even in low cost green houses and polysheds.

Landscape Irrigation System

We offer complete irrigation solution for any sort of landscape, i.e, Golf Course, Park, Residential Complex, Commercial Complex, Sports Fields etc. which includes detailed designing and execution of automatic pop-up system to operate the system automatically without spending a single manpower. The system is designed with highly durable plastic pipelines and fittings, specially developed for landscape application. Depending on landscape design we offer specific system for lawn, shrubs, ground cover, trees etc.

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