Environmental Engineering

  • Rain water Harvesting System
  • Dust Suppression System
  • Mist Spraying System
  • Dewatering System for Water Logged Areas

Rainwater Harvesting System

As the water crisis continues to become severe, there is a dire need of reform in water management system and revival of traditional systems. We design Rainwater Harvesting Systems and suggest suitable mitigative measures for the direct or indirect recharge of groundwater. The cheapest storage of all is to use the ground as storage area, a technique called groundwater recharge. We offer solutions for Rooftop Rainwater Harvesting System and Borewell Recharging.

Dust Suppression System

Dust Control Systems are an important factor in meeting both environmental, health and safety requirements. Our role is in designing the complete system providing economically and sustainable solution in mine areas, railway siding, stockyards, haul roads, conveyor systems, and dust prone areas to meet the environmental and health hazards as well as safety requirements. Calculation of exact moisture requirement we suggest proper solutions. We provide the Master planning, hydraulic design, check the design reliability features and providing fully automation system hence reduce the operation and maintenance.

Dewatering System from Water Logged Area

We provide solutions for water management in mining, it is an approach to hydrogeology, dewatering technology and environmental sensitivities. In open mines the water gets logged in working area due to seepage and rainfall which needs to be dewatered for further work. Large scope of flexible portable pipes are suggested to dewater the mines. We give a techno-commercially viable solutions to such areas with proper selection of piping system and pumping.

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