Drinking Water Management

Drinking water solutions agraulic.com

  • Design of Urban and Rural water supply schemes
  • Forecast of Future Population
  • Selection of Sustainable Source (Ground Water or Surface water) for Drinking Water
  • Water treatment – Slow Sand and Rapid Sand Filter Plants with Aeration, Clarification and Disinfection
  • Pumping Station
  • Water Conveyance – Trunk main and Rising Mains
  • Water Storage Tanks
  • Water Distribution
  • Plumbing System

We offer technically and economically perfect design in water supply scheme by estimation of population, water demand, plant capacity, and raw water quality; evaluation and selection of a treatment process train; coordination with distribution system; and estimation of costs for proposed capital improvement project. Step-by-step design calculations; engineering drawings, plans, and specifications; and operation and maintenance of head works, and distribution systems: all are presented. Our design includes include raw water intake, screening, pump station, transport pipeline, flow measurement & distribution.

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